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Scuba and Snorkeling are both great activities which provide pleasure and thrills which can be enjoyed by all. Scuba and Snorkeling Adventures.COM is a website developed by divers for divers and dedicated to promoting both these great underwater sports.

Here you will find several guides to scuba diving and snorkeling which we hope will assist you to maximize your scuba and snorkeling adventures.

Scuba Diving : Let us now talk about the wonderful world of Scuba.

Experience a totally different world, an under water world which is rich full of life and amazing landscapes. Scuba  is a great way to unwind yourself and make you forget of your daily hectic life. Immerse yourself beneath the waves and you can experience new adventures.

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Besides seeing beautiful and fascinating aquatic creatures first hand, the sensations you experience when you breathe underwater and feeling of floating weightless are unique to diving. Once you have gained the necessary diving experience, the mystery of diving will be replaced by excitement and more adventures.

When you dive, you will enter a new world with different sets of rules which you will need to know and respect. To help you better understand these rules, and cope with the underwater environment it is essential that as a scuba diver you will have to get adequate training from a certified scuba training agency.

A scuba course for beginners can extend up to a period of 3 to 5 days. These courses will prepare you with the necessary skills you will need to familiarize yourself with using your equipment underwater and other skills necessary to keep you safe and introduce you to the underwater environment.

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Once you obtain the necessary scuba certifications, you are ready for the real deal where you can scuba dive and experience real underwater adventures.

Continuing scuba however does require that you have all the necessary equipment at hand. Depending on how often you intend to dive, you can either opt to purchase your own scuba gear or renting the equipment from dive shops.

You may want to check out our article on the costs of starting scuba to get an idea of the investments you will need to make to get you started into scuba.

Typically, scuba gear consists of Scuba Mask, Snorkel,Scuba BCD, dive tank (containing compressed air), scuba regulator, Weights, Fins, Wetsuit, Booties, Gloves, Dive computer.

With the proper scuba gear, knowledge and skill, Scuba diving is safe, easy and fun. Are you ready to start this great sport? With only a small investment in courses and scuba equipment, you today can enjoy scuba diving.


Snorkeling : If somehow breathing underwater does not really appeal to you then you may want to try Snorkeling. Cheaper to start with than scuba diving, snorkeling requires less of a learning curve. It's an undemanding sport with enormous rewards which equipment consists of a face mask, snorkel, and snorkeling fins. However having said that, under the right conditions, you will still get the thrills and excitement that snorkeling has to offer.

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As within any other sports, your pleasure is directly related to the quality of your equipment. A cheap leaky or improperly fitting mask means you will be more focused on adjusting your face-mask than spending time enjoying your surroundings.

The great thing about snorkeling is that it can be done anytime and anywhere giving that the weather is fine. With around $50 you are all set to go and be in a different peaceful environment.

Choosing the right snorkeling equipment becomes an important aspect when attempting to obtain the great snorkeling experiences.

Although snorkeling may seem simple, there are few tips and techniques you can learn on how to improve your skills and maximize from the benefits offered by snorkeling.

Here at Scuba and Snorkeling Adventures.Com we have devised several guides on how to improve your snorkeling experience. Whether you want to learn on how to properly fin underwater, clear your snorkel, equalizing your ears underwater or even on how to take snorkeling to the next level then be sure to take a look at our snorkeling tips and techniques section.


Thinking about learning to scuba dive or want to start at the simplest level of underwater adventured through snorkeling? You are in the right place.

You will find within this site instructions of how to start both these underwater sports, the precautions to take and how to improve your skills in both areas and many more guides to help you get the most out of your scuba diving and snorkeling adventures.

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Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Adventures - Dive store, Scuba & Snorkeling articles, gear guides, top dive destinations
Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Adventures - A comprehensive guide for the avid scuba diver and snorkeler alike.
Snorkeling Safety Guide - Practice safe snorkeling to avoid potential snorkeling hazards
Snorkeling safety Guides : Jellyfish Sting Treatment | Treating Heat Exhaustion | Hypothermia First Aid and more more Tips and techniques to overcome potential snorkeling dangers
Kids Snorkeling - Introduce your kids to adventures through Snorkeling
Kids Snorkeling - a series of articles to help you in introducing your kids to snorkeling
Scuba & Snorkeling Adventures On Line Store  
Visit out store for the latest Scuba & Snorkeling Gear
Scuba Gear : A Buyers Guide to choosing the right scuba diving equipment.
Scuba Gear - A Buyers guide containing tips on what you should look for when buying your new or used Scuba Diving Gear and how to take care of your scuba gear to last your for several scuba adventures.
Snorkeling Equipment - A guide containing tips on choosing the right gear and other useful information on snorkeling equipment
Snorkeling Equipment - a series of snorkeling gear guides with infomormation on buying a mask, snorkel and fins and other tips on how to maintain your snorkeling equipment to last you for amy snorkeling adventures
Scuba Wetsuits - All about scuba wetsuits and accessories
Scuba Wetsuits - a series of wetsuit guides with infomormation on buying a wetsuit, wetsuit care, scuba weight belt and other wetsuit accessories
Scuba Diving Computer - All the information you need to know about your dive computers
How to tell whether you are buying a great scuba diving computer
The Dive Watch Guide - All you need to know about scuba diving watches
Dive Watch Information to help you in choosing a genuine diving watch
Dive Knife - Tips on buying a diving knife that meets your scuba needs
Steel or Titanium Dive knife? A guide on how to invest in a proper scuba diving knife
Dive Lights -  All you need to know about underwater lights
A primer to Scuba Dive Lights including a buyers guide and additional tips on how to maintain your scuba diving lights
Scuba Parts Guide -  Essential scuba diving parts to ensure free hassle scuba diving adventures
Scuba Parts - A list of the essntial scuba diving parts you will need to ensure that you will never miss out on a dive
Scuba Diving Malta - Discover new underwater adventures on the Islands of Malta, Gozo & Comino. Be sure to book your next scuba diving holiday here.
Scuba Diving Malta - A jewel in the Mediterranean, Malta is diver's paradise providing you with unique experiences to make diving amongst the most fascinating in the region.
Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Malaysia : A Backpackers view to snorkeling and scuba diving in the beautiful islands of Malaysia diving equipment.
Snorkeling Scuba Diving Malaysia - Tips on how to make the most out of your snorkeling and scuba diving vacation in Malaysia.
Aruba Snorkeling & Scuba Diving Adventures: Discover underwater adventures in one of the Caribbeans best kept secrets
Aruba Snorkeling & Scuba Diving Adventures:Immerse yourself in a true tropical paradise by discovering the wonders of Aruba Snorkeling
El Salvador Scuba diving - Discover underwater adventures in El Salvador
El Salvador scuba diving :Discover on of the best kept secrets in El Salvador! Explore shipwrecks and crater lakes, all without emptying your bank account!
Planning your Scuba Diving Vacation
Scuba Diving Vacation Tips - A guide to scuba diving travel containing tips on how to embark onto a free hassle scuba diving holiday
Scuba Vacation Stories - Share your favourite Scuba Vacation Experience Here at Scuba-Snorkeling-Adventures.com
Do You Have An Interesting Scuba Vacation Story? Do Tell Us! We would love to hear what you have to say!
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